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SSO Setup Guide for Azure

Step Summary

  • Login to your Idp portal with proper credentials.

  • Retrieve the Federation XML Url or file and share with the Implementation Team or enter details into your MDO tenant.

  • Input Federation information into your MDO tenant.

  • Setup complete – log into your tenant via SSO.

Detailed Steps

  1. Search for Azure Active Directory as below.

2. Select Enterprise applications.

3. Click on New Application

4. Then, click on Non-gallery Application

5. Enter the name of the application (e.g. MDO-Prospecta) and click Add.

6. Select the SAML option to configure SAML-based authentication for the application. (This option requires that the application supports SAML 2.0.) The Setup Single Sign-On with SAML page appears.

7. Click on Configure single sign-on.

  1. Enter the configuration as required.

  2. Get App Federation Metadata Url which is required to be entered into MDO settings (highly recommended).
    Alternatively, you may download the Federation XML to be uploaded.

  3. Log into the MDO tenant that you wish to integrate SSO.

  4. Go to Profile → Settings → SAML Configurations

  5. Add new SSO integration and enter the SAML information. Please note that you need only provide your SAML Url OR the SAML XML. You do not need to do both.

  6. The next time you log in, an SSO button will appear for you as an alternative login to the tenant with the configured IDP.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up SSO within your system.


In this article, you learned how to set up SSO integration between your Idp of choice and MDO. Should you require further assistance, please invite a Prospecta consultant to your tenant.