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Single Sign-On


Target Audience

System administrators and IT personnel.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO allows users to access authorized network resources via a single login. Rather than letting MDO manage separate passwords for each resource, you take control by validating usernames and passwords against your corporate user database or other client apps.

You can also manage user activation, deactivation, and expiration via the central resource manager. This eliminates the need to interact with MDO.

Benefits of SSO

  • Reduced administrative costs

  • With SSO, users only need to memorize a single password to access network resources, external apps, and MDO. When accessing MDO within the corporate network, users will log in seamlessly and will not be prompted for a username or password. As for accessing Salesforce from outside the corporate network, the users’ corporate network login will take effect. With fewer passwords to manage, system admins will receive fewer requests to reset forgotten passwords.

  • Leverage existing investments

  • As many companies use a central LDAP database like AD to manage user identities, you can delegate MDO authentication to this system. Once users are removed from the LDAP system, they can no longer access MDO too. Users who leave the company will automatically lose access to company data after their departure.

  • Time savings

  • On average, users take 5–20 seconds to log in to an online app. It can take longer if they mistype their username or password and are prompted to re-enter them. With SSO in place, they can effectively bypass manual login to MDO. These saved seconds reduce frustration and contribute to increased productivity.

  • Increased user adoption

  • Due to the convenience of not having to log in, users are more likely to use MDO regularly.

  • Enhanced security

  • All password policies established for your corporate network apply to MDO. Sending an authentication credential that’s only valid for a single time also increases security for users who have access to sensitive data.