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GDPR and Compliance

GDPR and Data Privacy 

MDO as a Data Governance Platform helps in compliance with Global Data Privacy Laws including GDPR in the following areas: 

1. Right to access personal data: MDO has role-based access so only authorized users can view personal information. Individuals can request and receive a full account of the data stored about them. 

           Below is an example of personal information recorded in the system and where.  


Below is a report displaying employee information. 


2. Access to Privacy Policies: Through the MDO governance/collaboration platform individuals can access the latest privacy policy of their organization. Organizations can update their privacy policy as required and make it public for all their MDO users. 

 For more information on how to set up the Terms and Conditions tab please refer to the link below. 

Adding or changing layouts on MDO form

3. Consent: MDO allows companies to obtain consent from the individual regarding the storing of personal information.  

4. Right to be Forgotten: Individuals can request a full deletion of all data stored about them through MDO. This request would be reviewed and post approval, all personal data of the individual is completely deleted from the MDO system.  A confirmation can be forwarded to the individual. 

 Approval processes can be customized, controlled and changed. Please refer to the links below for more information on how to customize, control and change the workflows. 

Create a workflow 

 Modify an existing workflow