1. I am getting the following message “User account has expired”. How do I reset my Password?

When logging in, if the following message “User account has expired“ is displayed you will need to change your password. To reset the password simply click on the Change Password option, enter the required details: Username, Old Password, and New Password, and select <enter> to save.

*Screenshots are the same for both MDO & WSO, the only difference is theme color, in WSO the color theme is Orange instead of Blue.

2. What are the steps to be taken before deactivating /removing the account of an ex-employee (user) from a workflow?

Before proceeding to deactivate a user, it is necessary that all the tasks which are pending for their approval in the task-list are cleared. If the user has left with the task list still pending, then this can be cleared by forwarding these tasks in the task list to an existing user with the same role. The associated tasks can be forwarded by the Administrator.

3.How can I check the details, history and background of Workflow, Change and Integration logs?

Workflow Log:

To check a Workflow log, select the particular record and then click on Logs > Workflow Log to check the status of the current record.

Change Log:

Similarly, select the Change Log option to view all changes made to a particular record and Download the log if required.


Integration Log:

Select the Integration Logs option from the drop-down menu to check any possible reasons for a record being “Stuck in Integration”.

4. How do I process the records with an error status (ERR Status)?

Firstly, to be able to process a record with an ERR status, users must have the “Edit and Reprocess” event assigned to them.

* Check with an Administrator to assign this access if the option listed below does not appear

The user selects the necessary record and click on Action. A dropdown list appears, select Edit & Reprocess to reprocess and amend the record.

5. Can records not created by using Excel Connect be cleared using the Bulk Approval feature of Excel Connect?

For any record to be eligible for bulk approval it is imperative that the record was created via Excel Connect only. Any record created without Excel Connect will throw an error message when trying to do a ‘Bulk Approval’ from Excel Connect. It is therefore always encouraged to use Excel Connect when creating a significant number of records. This will assist in the maintenance of these records and enable such features as ‘Bulk Approval’.

6. What Browsers are compatible with WSO and MDO?

WSO and MDO will continue to be improved and enhanced to support the latest browsers. As such, Prospecta recommends using WSO and MDO applications on the latest ‘’Evergreen’’ Browsers ie. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. While Internet Explorer 11 is also supported, as per Microsoft recommendations, Prospecta recommends Microsoft Edge for the best experience with the latest applications and IE11 for supporting legacy applications.

7. How many records can be uploaded via Excel Connect?

The Data processing through Excel Connect depends on the Excel Connect template configured. This feature is available in version 2.19.835 onward.

Currently, the following is supported

  2. TEMPLATE WITH TWO SHEETS:TOTAL RECORDS (Including all sheets) = 20000
  3. TEMPLATE WITH MULTIPLE SHEETS:TOTAL RECORDS (Including all sheets)  = 6000