MDO Enterprise Data Platform / Data Management and Governance

Data Management and Governance

Today, businesses are continuously striving to improve the consistency and quality of their critical business data. It is from this need the concept of data governance arises. Master data governance deals with the management of an organizations critical business data, to ensure high data quality is maintained throughout the complete life cycle of the data. Efficient data governance practices can help organizations in maintaining high quality data.

MDO is a comprehensive data governance framework which provides a one stop solution to an organization’s data governance requirements. MDO comes with numerous prebuilt business rules (metadata rules, duplicate checks, dependency rules etc.) which ensure high data quality. MDO’s business rule engine and data quality framework make it the perfect tool for end to end data transformation projects. 

The key features of Master Data Governance in MDO are: 

  • Active and Passive Governance: MDO supports both Active and Passive Governance framework for all master data objects. 
  • Business Rules Framework: The Business Rules Framework has both pre-defined rules and rules that can be defined by data analysts with limited technical knowledge. 
  • API: The API framework allows MDO to connect into various external source for validation e.g., Dun and Bradstreet. 
  • Ownership based workflows: The MDO Governance Workflows can be configured to identify data ownership which makes tasks and workflows more relevant. 
  • Mobile and Excel: Native Mobile Apps & Easy to use Excel Frontends. 
  • Mass processing: All data can be mass processed with approval workflows using the MDO Excel Connect and updated back in your SAP or other enterprise environments. 
  • Audit & Change Logs: Track audit and change logs for compliance.