Metadata is an essential prerequisite for custom insights models to have as a structure against which the schema or business rules can be executed. For any data analysis, metadata is required to be in place to have a reference structure to get the data in the respective fields for their objects. In order to run the custom insight model, data needs to flow through the fields configured within the schema for an object. This makes metadata the most essential part of the custom insight model. 

Below are some scenarios which highlight the importance of metadata to run the custom insight model. 

  • When a custom insight model needs to be run on data integrated from external sources that flows directly to MDO, the schema requires metadata to be in place so that business rules can be configured for fields in the respective object. The incoming structure of data needs to be replicated in MDO so that there is a clear mapping of the incoming objects/fields with the MDO metadata.
  • When a form needs to be filled within MDO, the fields need to be clearly defined within the object to make sure the values flow through the right structure. If any business rules are configured that calculate or analyze values for fields that are not present in the form, the additional fields need to be defined so that business rules for calculation/validation or analysis can be configured on them. 

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