MDO Fuse / Getting Started

Getting Started


MDO Fuse is a data-driven platform that addresses the complexity and uniqueness of discrete business-oriented processes. The platform gives users the freedom to customize and automate processes, eliminating relying on expensive and rigid enterprise solutions. 

Creation of a new Organization/Tenant:

To create a new Org/Tenant, use the link: 

(For Fuse-Gold users, use the link: ) 

The user will be redirected to the sign-in page by clicking on the link. Now click on the Sign-Up hyperlink. It will redirect the user to the Sign-Up page.

Login to the MDO Fuse using your credentials.  

Below is the login page of MDO Fuse. 



Steps to log in:

  1. Input a valid mail so the user can receive a confirmation mail with a link for completing the sign-up process.
  2. Click On Checkbox to accept Term of Services and Privacy Policy.
  3. Click on Next.



  1. After clicking on the next user will receive this mail Delivery sign.

  1. Now open your mailbox.
  2. User will receive a mail from “noreply@masterdataonline” and the subject of the mail will be “Confirm email”.

  1. Open mail and click on Confirm Account.


  1. Users will be Redirect to the Sign-up page here fill in all the required Details

Select the region: – (Region is your server where you want to create your Organization/Tenant)

  1. After filling in all the details, click on Create Account User will be redirected to the MDO FUSE Home page.

Users will get 3 launchpads on the MDO Fuse home screen.

These are:

  • Edit your profile

Allow users to edit their profile details.

  • Invite your colleagues

Allow you to invite colleagues to collaborate on the system and assign permission to them.

  • Check your data

There are 2 quick links available for the end-user. These are:

Data- To take the user directly to the data tab

DIW- To take the user directly to the DIW tab


There is a task list bucket on the left side of the MDO Fuse home screen:

  • Inbox -All the records Approved From the previous Step will move to the inbox.
  • In Workflow- All the records approved By the Current User will move to In-Workflow.
  • Rejected- All the rejected records will be visible here.
  • Completed: – All the completed Records will be visible here.
  • Draft: –All the Drafted records will be visible here.