MDO Fuse / Creating Record

Creating Record

To create a New Record:

1. Click on New Record

2. Enter Values in Field Click on Save Button

3. Created Records will be shown on the list page as below and the new record will be at the top of the list page.

4. Now you can view the Summary, View Process Log, of the record by clicking on the Ellipsis icon.

5. Check the log of Record By clicking on View Process Log:-

6. Now open the Task List of the next step user:-

Task List is available on the Home page of MDO FUSE.

Task List

  • Inbox -All the records Approved From the previous Step will move to the inbox.

  • In Workflow- All the records approved From the Current User will move to In-Workflow.

  • Rejected- All the rejected records will be visible here.

  • Completed:- All the completed Records will be visible here.

  • Draft:-All the Drafted record will be visible here.

Approve the record from Inbox

1. Click on the Ellipsis Select Approve summary page will be open.

2. Click On Approve to approve the record:-

Change Process

Note: In change process validation is not working for in-progress(Reserved) status record so perform Change processes only of Completed Status record.

1. Click on Edit Icon.

2. After the edit icon Select flow

3. Make changes in the record and save It will trigger the record for the next step.

4. To view a log of Change Process click View process log of record.

5. To view changes in the record click on View Changes

Now complete the flow steps to complete the change process.