MDO Fuse / Creating Datasets

Creating Datasets

In MDO, the Module is also known as a dataset.

To create a new module.

1. Create a module using the “+” icon on the home screen

  • Click on the “+” icon
  • Click on “Create Module”

  • MDO Fuse Click on “Select a file” to upload your data in CSV for .xlx format

  • Enter the module name
  • Enter the schema name, set the threshold, and enter the business rule you want to add.

Users can add new business rules to the schema by following the steps below:

  • Click on the new business rule option

  • A side sheet will open. Enter the Rule type, weightage, rule category, rule name, error message, and fields

  • Once done, click on save to save the business rule.

  • Enter the email id of the person you want to add as the collaborator

  • Here, you can run the schema right away or click on “Add schedule” to schedule the schema to run it later.

  • Once done, click on done.

2. Create a module using the plus icon in the data tab

Click on the “+” icon in the data tab

Note: MDO Fuse allows you to bring in existing datasets and create new datasets manually.   

1. Bring over

This option allows you to bring your dataset from another system. Once the user clicks on the “Select” option, a list of adapters will appear.

Here, we will see the process of bringing data from the SAP system using a CPI adapter:

  • Click on the New Adapter to connect to the new adapter

Enter your name, system description, system URL, and SAP credentials to connect to the SAP system.

2. Load from file

Allow you to import data from Connekthub

For example- if we have two tenants namely the QA tenant and a production tenant. Now I want to move one of my datasets from the production tenant to the QA tenant. Here, if we have to standard solution dataset, we can publish it to ConnecktHub, get it approved, and import the dataset into the system.

To import data from ConnektHub, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow and select the import dataset option


Sign in to your ConnektHub account to import the dataset.

3. Create manually:

Allow you to create a dataset manually and define its content.

To create a dataset manually, follow these steps:

Click on the “select” option

Choose the “Standard” option from the dropdown menu.

Enter the module name and description.

Click on the “Create” option to create a new module.

You will see the newly created module in the left panel.