MDO Fuse / Creating Fields and Hierarchies

Creating Fields and Hierarchies

To create fields:

Go to the “Data” tab.

All the datasets will be visible in the left sidebar. Choose the dataset you want to edit.

Now, Click on the Pencil icon to maintain the Dataset i.e. To Add Structures and fields.

Now you can see there is a default Structure/Hierarchy i.e., Header Data

You can add Child hierarchy under Header Data by clicking on the “+” icon next to header data which will be shown when you hover over the Header Data

You can add Hierarchies (Child) under Hierarchy and Hierarchy at the same level (Sibling).

You can Rename Hierarchy by clicking on Hierarchy name.
You can Remove Hierarchy by selecting the Remove option which is available when you click on the “+” icon. Here, users can create multiple hierarchies and select a particular hierarchy to create fields. 

Now, Click on Add Manually to Add Field for the first time.

Click on the “+” icon to add Fields.

Select any Field which you want to add.

Once you select a field, a field will be added and the Side sheet to Change the field property will open up by default.
Here you can maintain the property as your requirement like length, Data type, etc.

The side sheet for different fields contains different properties.

Click on the Save button to save the fields.

Similarly, you can add more Hierarchies and Fields.

  • Click “Save”
  • Click on your Dataset name that will open the list page.

That’s it! you have successfully created the fields for your hierarchies.