MDO Enterprise Data Platform / Creating a module

Creating a module


A Module in MDO refers to the object created for a particular master or business functionality. It is the fundamental unit in MDO and Fields, Business Rules, Layouts, Permissions, Workflows and Templates can be configured for a module. Modules are of two types:

  • Standard – MDO comes with a pre-defined list of modules which have already been configured with Fields, Business Rules and Layouts. This can be used when minimum customization is required and when the standard feature satisfies the business need.
  • Custom – MDO also provides the functionality to create custom modules with its own Fields, Layouts, Business Rules and Permissions.

Creating a Custom Module

You can create a Custom Module by following the below steps:

  1. In the MDO home screen, click on the Settings icon present in the header tab.
  2. Click on the Modules icon in the left panel and select the custom tab.
  3. Click on Add New Module.
  4. Specify the Module ID, Description and choose a Module Image. If you want to create a reference to an existing module, click on the check box next to the parent module in the Relationship.
  5. Click on Save and the custom module is created.


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