MDO Fuse / Configuring Flows

Configuring Flows

MDO workflow builder (Drools) is used to configure workflow in MDO Fuse. You need to enter the username and password to log in to Drools in order to start configuring flows.

Creating a workflow

Go to Flows Tab

Click on Manage Flows

Another Tab will be open up on your browser. Enter Email Same as email used in MDO Fuse
Enter Password as “wbamdin”.

After login, Click on “project”.

Click on the “Add Asset” option.

Click on Business Process. Enter Name of Business Process.

Click “ok”.

Flow the video below to create a single-step workflow with a single actor.

Similarly, you can create a multiple-step workflow with multiple actors.

Assigning Form and Process to Flow

Click on Flow name.

Click on “+” icon under Assign and Select form.

Select your Dataset to which you want to add flow and select the form.

Click Save.


Click on Maintain Process.

Select the process which you want to assign to your flow.

Click Save


Number Setting

Before configuring of number setting do the Number setting enable for List fields you want to configure in the Number setting.

1. Select your Dataset and Click on Form and rules (Admin User)

2. Select the “New Number Setting” option

3. Input values in the field as per the requirement of the configuration set as Default Number setting after that click on the “Save” button.

4. This is how Number Setting will be reflected after record creation over the List page.

If you want to learn more about MDO Flow Builder( Drools), click here.