MDO Fuse / Creating Forms

Creating Forms

Creating forms/layouts in MDO Fuse:


Forms in MDO are how we want to display the fields on our transaction screens.

To create forms in MDO Fuse, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Forms and rules”

  • Click on “New Form” and then click on “Flow”

  • Give the form a name, and form usage, you can enable the form for description generator and add a dependency rule to your form.

Description generator:

When the user enables the description generator, MDO generates descriptions based on the field attributes.

Dependency rule

A Dependency Rule enables a user to create rules for a field or set of fields that are dependent on the values of other fields. This can include populating the value of a target field(s) based on the value of a source field(s).

  • Once done, click on “save” to save the form

Adding fields to the header data:

  • Form components

Section- to add blocks to the form

  • Form fields– to add fields to the section

To add sections or fields to the form, simply drag and drop the dataset from the left-hand side.

– to hide fields in the form

– to make the field editable in the form

– to make the field mandatory

To add a dependency rule to a form, click on the dependency rule option:

Enter the source and target field and click on save.

Click on “New Condition” to add conditions.

Enter the source and target fields. Similarly, we can add more conditions.

Once done, click on “save.” Users can edit or duplicate the form once created.